Grip Training Tips for a Crushing Grip from ALR's John Posen

Jan 12 2016

Grip training 101

There are many techniques that will help you increase your ability to pull big numbers. Below are some of our favorites that will help develop an amazing crushing squeeze.

  • Take a 3 or 5 gallon bucket and fill it half way with dry rice. Work on long, full finger extensions and then slow crushing squeezes. Do as many as possible with one hand and then alternate hands for 8-10 minutes total.

  • Utilize a blob or hexagon dumbbell, lift from the ground from the end and hold as long as possible. This pinching grip will help increase the length of time you can hold the bar during you deadlift.

  • Heavy static dumbbell holds. By putting the dumbbell at your side, and allowing the uneven attitude of the dumbbells to move, this develops a balancing ability to your grip which translates to a new increased overall ability.

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