Humapro® vs Whey Protein: Affects Upon Human Body Composition

Sep 06 2015 Tags: humapro, protein, science


There is very little specific validated information available in relation to the human metabolic pathways of both amino acids and whole proteins in regard to NNU, gluconeogenesis, catabolism and effects upon body composition. The pathway of substrate metabolism often affects hormonal levels and responses in a cascade or matrix manner rather than a simple linear action/reaction scenario that is often assumed supplemental and pharmaceutical preparations.

In this study the goal was to evaluate positive exogenous insulinogenic and endogenous lipolytic responses to a supplemental preparation known as Humapro® compared to whey protein supplements from cow’s milk. HumaPro™
provides a specific ratio of EAAs for significant complete protein synthesis with specific fractions of bitter melon and coffee bean extracts.

Download the Full Paper in PDF

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